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About Us

The owners of Painting with Art and Soul have been helping and aspiring kids through art and other creative adventures their entire adult life.  They had a vision to share their love for art, painting, and design to more young adults.  After much thought and preparation, Painting with Art and Soul was created from their vision.  They love sharing their talents and inspiring kids to believe in themselves.  

Our Art Center

The Art Center offers a place for kids to come and create a one of a kind piece of art that they can keep and take home.  It is something they can share with their friends and be proud of.


Adults can come and unwind leaving the cares of the day behind.  Spend quality time with family and friends.  Also, if you are looking for a way to get to know someone, date night is a perfect, no pressure first date location. 


No matter what the age or who you bring to share the experience with, make the art center your destination for a fun time.   

Meet the Owners

The owners love meeting new people and sharing their talents!


Frances Hensley

Drawing & Painting

Claiborne County native, Frances Hensley spent her early childhood exploring the beautiful landscapes of East Tennessee.  At an early age, she began believing in the value of the healing power of art.  As a self-taught artist, she loves painting the beautiful landscapes and farms of East Tennessee.

In addition to painting, she also restores furniture and makes many different crafts.  She loves to create and make everything beautiful.  Making art for others became her ministry.  It is how she connects with others by selling her paintings and giving many away.  

A graduate of nearby Lincoln Memorial University, Hensley, her husband, two sons and dog, Echo reside in nearby New Tazewell.  Teaching at the Art Center is definitely her favorite thing to do!


Elizabeth and Brinley.JPG

Elizabeth Fortson

Painting and other crafts

Claiborne County native, Elizabeth Fortson has had many adventures with her Grand daughter, Brinley.  They love to paint on canvas and on ceramics.  They love to cook and spend time creating many new crafts and keepsakes.  

The Art Center is a way for them to enjoy their time together doing what they love.  They also love spending time with family and friends..  

With the Art Center, the adventures never end.  

Fortson is a graduate of the University of Tennessee with a statistics degree, and LMU graduate with a MBA.  


What Parents Say

"Addison loves painting with Frances.  She looks forward to her weekly classes.  She learns so much and she is definitely improving.  Her weekly painting classes are the highlight of her week.  I am so glad that Frances is her teacher.  We can't wait to see where Addison's talent will take her.  Frances is definitely taking her to the next level!"

— Pam VanHuss

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